Sunday, January 31, 2021

PCT Day 9: Postponed Because of Winter Snow Storm

Winter Snow storm 2 days before hike so we had to cancel the plans for this section of the hike. 

From Trail Angel Mary: 

"I’m at 4200 feet and we still have a couple inches of crusty, frozen snow on the ground. Sheltered spots have more. The current temp is 28 degrees, but it should warm up quickly and the snow will melt quickly in unsheltered spots. The two+ miles of dirt road between where you turn off Coyote Canyon Rd to the bottom of my driveway will likely still have a few patches of snow on it tonight/tomorrow morning. It should be all melted by tomorrow afternoon, but will be slick in spots because of saturation. There are a couple low spots where the water pools that can cause a problem for a low-clearance car without 4wd, which is why I suggested your Plan B, but as an out-an-back from Hwy 74, to keep your car on pavement the whole way. Whether you go with your original plan or Plan B, you will hit snow on the trail tomorrow. Both Bucksnort Ridge and the section of the PCT north of where it crosses the Table Mountain ridge (around PCT mile 148) are north facing, and at somewhat higher elevation, so snow tends to be deeper and linger longer there. The trail should be relatively easy to follow (especially with a gps/app), and nothing in these sections is technical mountaineering, but Bucksnort does have a couple brief exposed sections that may be difficult. Walking in snow slows a hiker down a lot, so, plan on your average pace being below normal." 

From Trail Angel Allison: 

"So I'm at 3900 and I got snow today. It has melted but the temp right now is 35 and all the rain has not come through. I drove to Garner Valley on Wed and there was a good amount of snow and I'm sure there is more now. That's what I know. It's too cold for me and probably finding the trail in some areas maybe difficult"

Instead of hiking in the snow/cold we skipped ahead and hiked:

PCT Indian Canyon Trailhead (Acton) to Vasquez Rocks (Agua Dulce) Mile 442.2-454.5 (10.3 Miles) 

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