Saturday, December 11, 2004

Rocket City Marathon (Alabama)

December 11, 2004
Marathon 30, State #24 (Age 36)
Huntsville, Alabama

I committed to running this marathon only about 3 week prior to the race.  I introduced my "under 4 week training program for a under 4 hour marathon" and it works!

Homeyra & I traveled with friends John and Teresa.  We arrived in Huntsville Friday and spent the afternoon enjoying lunch downtown the Rocket Museum and watching a IMAX movie of the new space station.

The official race hotel, the Hilton, is definitely the only way to go.  The expo, start and finish lines are all right there.  We made some new friends Matt from Florida and Bill from Martha's Vineyard.  A cold front had blown in and the weather was much colder than anticipated for a southern state.  I had to wear head band, three layers plus tights and gloves.

The were no significant sites and the course wound through mostly pretty boring residential streets with an unbelievable amount of turns.  The course was mostly out and back, so the wind and cold was much more of a factor the second half as it both picked up as well as was in our face on the return. 

I'd have to say the best part of the whole race was the food at the finish line.  Fresh pastry's, bread, soup, fruit, ice cream, and many more snacks.  My massage was mediocre at best, but short lines and friendly service.  The whole town was very friendly and I recommend checking out the general store downtown by the courthouse on the corner.

Both me and my friend John added another notch to our belt and look forward to the next adventure!