Friday, September 1, 2000

Black Mountain, Kentucky (4,129)

9th High Point Visited
27th Highest State High Point
42nd Most Difficult

 After spending 3 days with the MOM Columbus team at Lake Cumberland, I chose not to drive home, but rather to journey across KY to summit Black Mountain (4,139). I took the trip solo on my 95 VFR. The day was beautiful, with threats of rain all around, but I managed to escape the rain. The trip on the bike was a couple hundred miles from Cumberland, but I didn't mind the drive because the back roads that I chose were splendid full of many twists. I approached from the KY side all the way up the very winding road from base to top.

The approach is mostly a drive up, turning right onto a private drive that is one lane paved road leading back to a FAA long range radar facility. I drove up the path, passed the radar, and spotted the stone trail up to the summit. I was very excited after all the trip to finally make it here. I was pressed for time to make it back to Ohio before dark, so didn't have much time. I didn't even take off my one piece motorcycle suit as I walked the .2 miles to the top.

I noticed an abandoned look out tower that had to be climbed, although it was difficult because it had to be scaled to get to the first level of stairs. I crawled up and held on for dear life. A storm was coming and it was very windy. I took a few pictures from the top and quickly came back down the rickety tower. Once on ground again I made a phone call or two to friends back home to tell about my adventure.