Sunday, July 30, 2000

Ironman USA Lake Placid (New York)

July 30, 2000
Marathon 12, State #7 (Age 32)
Lake Placid, New York
11:56:24 (Marathon 4:27:07)
3rd Full Ironman Triathlon

Race Swim Bike MPH Run Pace State Country Date Time
Ironman USA 1:10:17 6:08:46 18.22 4:27:07 10:14 New York USA 7/30/2000 11:56:24


Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Mount Marcy, New York (5,344)

8th High Point Visited
21st Highest State High Point
14th Most Difficult

Third of three high points planned for week prior to Ironman USA in Lake Placid. Three days earlier while in a local bar, I asked some hikers what they recommended for a good day hike. They claimed there were much better peaks to climb instead of Mt. Marcy. They talked me into doing Gothics instead. Gothics was an adventure in itself, but 3 days later I came back to NY after summiting New Hampshire and Vermont.  Mount Marcy is a long day of hiking 7.4 miles to the summit. The day was great. Little muddy at the start, but the trail was very gradual. Found a waterfall which was perfect for a snack and photos. Continued the hike and passed several groups on the way up as the "red" team!  Near the summit the plant life is rare and endangered therefore you must stay on trail after certain elevation. The top was all rocky above the trees. From the top you could see everywhere, all the way across to Vermont and also Lake Placid below. There was also a member of the ADK club at the top answering questions for anyone that reaches the summit.

Mount Marcy (5,344), New York - State Highpoint #8

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Mount Washington, New Hampshire (6,288)

7th High Point Visited
18th Highest State High Point
38th Most Difficult

2nd of three high points planned for week prior to Ironman USA in Lake Placid. The trip from Vermont was full of sights to see again. There were covered bridges everywhere, stopped in Bath to take picture. Traveled through Bethlehem, a Jewish retreat community, passed the Mount Washington Resort, and finally near sunset arrived to a surprise of Crawford Notch. Made camp near the base and went back to the Resort for dinner. Main dining room was jacket and tie, so went downstairs for a more casual experience. Mt. Washington (6,288) was to be my highest point to date. With a race only a few days away, it was a relief to sit back and enjoy the ride up on the COG railroad. For $44 the train went straight up the mountain, at one point 34 degrees! The steam engine was coal powered and originally used for mining. Great trip as it got colder and colder the higher we got. There is a big weather station and visitor's center at the summit. Lots of people drove up the opposite side, but hard on a car! Also Appalachian Trail goes across the ridge of Mt. Washington. Lots of cairns along the trail to help hikers in tough foggy weather conditions.

Mount Washington (6,288), New Hampshire - State Highpoint #7

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Monday, July 24, 2000

Mount Mansfield, Vermont (4,393)

6th High Point Visited
24th Highest State High Point
34th Most Difficult

1st of three high points planned for week prior to Ironman USA in Lake Placid. Leaving the Trail's End B&B the goal was to drive to Vermont, hit the high point Mt. Mansfield (4,393) and travel on to New Hampshire.

The day was full of adventure, first highlight crossing Lake Chaplain by driving across a bridge before Middlebury, a neat little town with an old university. Had a very scenic ride to Stowe, the headquarters of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Took a factory tour and into town for lunch on an outside patio five miles from the base of Mt. Mansfield. Mt. Mansfield is atop of Stowe ski resort.

There are many hikes up to the top, but the easiest was chosen aided by a gondola sky ride to near the summit. Looking at the mountain from afar, it was hard to see exactly if the right side or left side was the summit. I took a good panoramic shot (2 photos together) for the complete view. With only 600 more feet to climb, made way on foot to the summit.

View was incredible, could see high peaks all over the place, could see back across Lake Champlain, could see New Hampshire. There was a guide at the top answering questions. Above a certain altitude alpine vegetation exist which is very rare and protected. The climb although not taking more than an hour, seemed to be very technical. If the rocks would have been wet, there could be slippery spots. Climbed back down to the gondola and headed toward New Hampshire.

Mount Mansfield (4,393), Vermont - State Highpoint #6