Friday, July 15, 2011

Boundary Peak, Nevada (13,140)

24th High Point Visited
9th Highest State High Point
11th Most Difficult

I organized a summer road trip from Los Angeles to the boarder of California and Nevada to climb the high point of Nevada called Boundary Peak.    My wife and daughter were out of the country so I recruited two friends Brian and Matt to join me for the hike.   It's only a 7.4 mile round trip hike, but there is a gain of nearly 4,400 feet.  There's the whole elevation factor of the mountain being 13,140 feet.  Yikes.

I broke out my high point guide and figured out a game plan to tackle this beast.   We figured with 3 guys camping gear the best option for transportation was to rent a full sized 4x4.    We packed up for a long weekend and headed toward the mountains.    Only two years earlier I traveled nearly the same route as the path to Boundary Peak is in the same vicinity.        

Boundary Peak (13,140), Nevada - State Highpoint #24