Friday, June 7, 1996

1996 Olympic Torch Relay

1996 and the Atlanta Summer Games was going to be year full of good luck and many surprises.  Of course to host the Olympics in your home country is always.  The Olympics came to the USA in 1994, but before that the last time was 1932.   Only 12 years had passed so this would be already my 2nd chance to live through an Olympics in my home country!    

I happened to read an article around October 1995 in the paper seeking Community Heroes who would be selected to carry the the Olympic torch.  In 1994 I had volunteered to become a Big Brother and continued to be an active big brother to my little brother Brandon for over 10 years.   I drafted a letter/response to the article in the paper and while never expected to get a response I kept my spirits high.

Newspaper solicitation seeking Community Heroes

Entry Letter/Application for Community Hero
It came as a big surprise when I opened a letter dated February 2, 1996 that I have been selected as a Community Hero Torchbearer for the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay.   

Acceptance letter as Community Hero Torchbearer for 1996 Olympic Torch Relay

Apparently there was a commemorative book for the torch run across the country but I did not order a copy.

You could also purchase the torch you carry.  You don't pass the torch you pass the flame.

 I received a few congratulatory letters.

I got to meet the mayor of Columbus with all the other Columbus, Ohio Torchbearers.