Monday, July 22, 1996

1996 Atlanta Olympic Summer Games

If 1996 couldn't get any better having just carried the Olympic Torch as a Community Hero Olympic Torchbearer on my birthday June 7th.   I learned from my company which sold Lanier office solutions I'd won a sales promotion where my name was entered into a lottery and I won a all expense paid trip to Atlanta to see five different events.

We were picked up at the airport with limousine service to our lodging.  Most every hotel in the area was already full so they had reserved some condos that had just been built and didn't look like anyone had ever lived there.  

We dropped off our luggage and headed toward all the action at the Georgia Dome to see USA's Dreamteam play basketball.  The train system was overloaded and was absolute chaos. 

After the game we headed to the Olympic Village and Bud World.  


Taking the Train back to our Condo

By the time we rolled in late the night before we hardly got any sleep as had to get up extra early to make it back down to the Olympic Village for our next event at 9:30 am. Women's Gymnastics back in the Geogia Dome.

After gymnastics we had a little more time to check out the Olympic Village. 


Our afternoon event was Men's Waterpolo. 

Right next to the Water Polo pool was the main pool for all swimming competitions.  I didn't have a ticket to enter but somehow talked a security guard into letting me in to take a photo of the swimming complex.

I think after swim I ended up back at the Olympic Village and Bud World again.

The next day I only had one event which was Women's Beach Volleyball in another part of town.  This had to be one of the funnest days!   The match we saw was Australia vs Canada.  We sat next to a lady who's husband's company sponsored the Australian team and we got to meet the players after the match with our new connection.

My final day was a super early start and to see Equestrian.  

I even ran into a high school classmate from my younger sisters class while in the Olympic Village.