Saturday, March 5, 2005

Magazine Mountain, Arkansas (2,753)

18th High Point Visited
34th Highest State High Point
28th Most Difficult

I incorporated this highpoint into my Arkansas marathon trip.  With my good friend John we made the 2 hour drive from Little Rock in a 05' Nissan Maxima.  The car was great for the back country roads we took on the way there.  Very beautiful area was noted on many occasions as we wished with could have been cycling some of these great roads. 

As we made our way from Havana the road climbed steadily from about 900 feet (I think) all the way to the summit.  There was a great bluff to stop and take in the vista.  A couple of Harley bikers were on at the lookout tossing down a cold one.  Of course being a motorcyclists once in my life I frowned on that!  After a few photos we hopped back in the car and made our way to the new park office and then to the campground. 

John opted to stay in the car so I made the hike alone.  I was happy to see a crowd of college students that had traveled from Fredericktown.  Ends up one of them was from Columbus, Ohio.  I got my photos and although there is no view from the wooded highpoint, I liked the memorial that was made on the summit with stones shaped like the state of Arkansas with the USGS marker in the appropriate part of the state!

Magazine Mountain (2,753), Arkansas - State Highpoint #18

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