Saturday, July 10, 1999

Hoosier Hill, Indiana (1,257)

2nd High Point Achieved
44th Height Rank
40th Difficulty Rank

While traveling to Muncie Indiana for the Muncie Endurathon and stuck in traffic due to construction on I-70, so exited the interstate and looked to find a back way to Muncie.  I passed a sign for the Indiana HP so decided to track it down. 

This was once again before Google maps and before I purchased my first guide book, so it was not easy to track down not knowing where to look.   This high point was not easy to find without any official directions so ended up asking several people for directions.  Even most of the locals were not exactly sure where to find it.

Eventually in a woods offside the road near a farm.   The hike was about 50 yards.  There was a log that I signed.    Snapped a few pictures to prove I'd found the hill.   Strange high point for a state, there was no big mound and hardly appears as if it could be a high point.    It was a fun adventure trying to find!


Hoosier Hill (1,257), Indiana - State Highpoint #2

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