Thursday, November 28, 1996

Kestrel Bicycle

Kestrel 1995 500 SCi - Time Trial

Going into my 4th year of triathlon my Cannondale touring bike wasn't cutting it.  Loving unique designs I found this bike without a downtube fascinating and moving to carbon was a big step forward as it was lighter and more cushioned.   It had 650 wheels which were great for quick acceleration.   A big improvement from the bike I was using for triathlon, however, this version of the frame had a lot of flex at the crank when I was pushing hard which I didn't care for so it only lasted me two seasons. 

Stock photo

Stock photo

Sunday, November 10, 1996

Columbus Marathon (Ohio)

November 10, 1996
Marathon 4
Columbus, Ohio

Wednesday, August 28, 1996

Klein Bicycle

Klein 1998 Mantra Comp

I've always had an eye for unique things.  When I saw this bike in Tri-Tech Multiport it immediately caught my eye.   I now had a road bike so I decided to upgrade my hybrid bike that I was using for off road for a true off road experience with front and rear suspension.   This bike I got my money's worth as I had it for 22 years.  In 2005 I noticed disc brakes had become "a thing" so upgraded the front fork and wheel so I could have disc breaking in the front.   I had this bike from Ohio, thru Seattle, and even up until a year ago in California. 

Stock Photo of Someone else's similar bike


Original frame and forks.  Riding trails in Columbus, Ohio.

Thursday, August 1, 1996

Muncie Endurathon 70.3 (Indiana)

August 1996
4th Half Ironman (70.3)
Muncie, Indiana
5:10:30 (Run 1:59:11)

Race Swim Bike MPH Run Pace City State Date Time
Muncie Half Ironman 37:15 2:29:48 22.4 1:59:11 9:06 Muncie IN 8/96 5:10:30